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#101 Monday's MOC of the Week: YT8527 Galapagos by Lewis Bird

This week's is from Lewis Bird, who has develop a YT Freighter for the Corellian Freighter competition LEGO is holding at the moment. It is a design based on the Millennium Falcon but features the cockpit in the middle. Make sure you look through all the photos for this MOC, the details are amazing!

His creation has a full interior with so many details. Some of the features are a 360 degree rotating cockpit, positioning gun turret (with removing window to add figures), brick built seating, navigators seating, 3 beds, radar dish, opening cargo door and boarding ramp. All these details have been achieved with great part use such as bars and harpoons used for the windscreen, a unique choice but it looks great. The ship is also shaped well with a variety of pieces used to achieve the classic shape.

A stand out technique for me is the greebling utilised for the exterior of the MOC. He uses a wide range of pieces, from grills to cylinders, which all come together to give the ship a battle hardened look. I am a big fan of small little details on the exterior and interior such as small fires which look quite realistic. Another great feature is the ability to open up the panels to view the interior. These panels just rest on the build and can be lifted easy, and then it placed back to only show few gaps between the parts, which is hard to do especially on this big scale.

I have my fingers crossed that he wins the competition, as the prize is the UCS Millennium Falcon, which would look great next to this spectacular build!


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