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#1017 TECHNIQUES: Simple brick wall

Today we're looking at an clever and detailed yet simple brick wall technique. Used by n.o.l.d.o.r, the technique utilises the fact that plates can be connected perpendicular to other plates. This combined with a range of tiles and plates, enables you to create gaps in the wall and simulate the classic brick design with only these common pieces and no brackets or other specialised pieces.

This connection may be seen as 'illegal' (it puts stress on the pieces that could cause them to break over time) but try it for yourself and you'll see that it only puts a small amount of pressure on the plates. Therefore, although it's not your classic connection, we still like the technique and at the end of the day it's your choice if you want to use it or not in your builds.

Check out n.o.l.d.o.r's Instagram here for more tutorials:


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