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#104 TECHNIQUES - Trees

Today, we will look at some techniques for making natural looking trees.

The first one is a "classic" tree, which is used in a lot of official sets such as the one pictured from 4865 The Forbidden Forest. It generally consists of brown sloped pieces, arches and plant leaves. These trees have much less foliage than they probably should, typically only using a few leaf pieces which leaves the tree looking very bare.

In other techniques, builders use lots of leaf pieces to give a more realistic look. The second tree in the picture was made by me, and is very simple. All it consists of is brown sloped piece and layers of plant leaf pieces (both sizes of 4x3 and 6x5) built up to create a bushier tree than the classic one.

Here's a great technique, which angles the leaf pieces, and builds up the trunk of the tree well:…/03/11/building-tall-trees-cylinders/

And another useful link for building trees to microscale and a very interesting technique using droid arms:…/how-to-build-lego-trees-more-…/

And a very, very good looking tree:


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