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#1047 TIPS: LDD vs.

If you’re looking for a digital design tool so you can design your LEGO models without physical bricks then look no further! Today we’re going to be comparing to softwares: Lego Digital Designer from LEGO and from Bricklink.

We’ve listed the pros of each and as you can see, has a lot more in terms of features especially. Personally, I first learnt on LDD and still do use over due to its simplicity and ease of use. If I want to render the model or buy the bricks on Bricklink, I’ll then import the file into Studio.

It’s worth noting that as well as LDD having limited features, it also has an outdated part catalogue as it no longer received support from The LEGO Group.

In our opinion, when comparing these two softwares, BrickHello put it best: “LDD is a 2 storey building that is easy to climb up and the view is just okay, while is a 50 storey building that takes a while to climb, but is takes time to reach the top but you eventually see the spectacular view”. So in our opinion, if you're looking for a starter software, go with LDD, while if you want a more professional software, is best for you.

So which design software out of these two do you / would you use? Let’s discuss it in the comments!

Both are free to download and available for both PC and Mac

LEGO Digital Designer:

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I think that complexity does not justify staying in LDD, even if it was a great software once upon a time...

Today, is the choice: equivalent complexity to LDD, competent render, regularly updated software, updated pieces...

I have said ;-)

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