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#105 Favourite Brick Friday: 1x3 with 2 Studs (Double Jumper plate)

The piece we will look at this Friday is a very new piece, with only 4 having been in 1 LEGO set to this date; Ninjago City. It is a "double jumper" plate, which is very similar to a regular jumper plate, but longer by 1 stud and has 1 extra stud on it. It is called a jumper plate because it move the plates connected to it a small distance of half a usual stud. This makes it useful for techniques where pieces need to be offset. They can also be used effectively if you need to make a gentle incline, as the plates are offset by half a stud.

Being such a new piece, it is only available in black and costs around 20p on Bricklink, compared to a regular jumper plate which is under 1p. So although they are much more expensive, these longer alternatives can be useful to have around as they offer a stronger connection and work better in smaller environments where offsetting is need.


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