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#107 Sunday's SET ANALYSIS: 75021 Republic Gunship

Today we will look at a Star Wars set that's one of my personal favourite sets of all time; the 75021 Republic Gunship. This famous ship from the prequel trilogy has been created twice before, but this version is the best by far and shows great progression of how far LEGO set design has improved over the last decade. Let's look at some of the techniques that are present in this set.

1. Technic structure - model is reinforced with technic bricks and pegs to give strength and allow for more techniques such as technic positioning. 2. Printed parts - rounded tiles and gun placements are printed to provide details. 3. Technic positioning - used for moving parts such as doors and angling of wings. 4. Slopes - gives a smooth and sleek finish, maintaining flat surfaces throughout the model. 5. Weapons - weapons at the front can be moved because of ball joints, and missiles can be "flicked" out for playability.


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