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#1093 TIPS: LEGO terminology - Part 2: Common parts and phrases

If you're new to the custom building hobby, there's quite a lot of LEGO jargon and terminology to learn if you want to join the growing community. These terms and names have been adopted by the LEGO community; how many did you already know about?

Let's start with pieces that have nicknames:

Cheese slope - a 1x1 slope that has a 33 degree angle, named because of it's similar shape to a piece of cheese

Headlight brick - a 1x1 modified brick with a indented stud on the side, nicknamed the headlight brick due to headlights being it's main use in sets, or the Erling brick after the LEGO Designer Erling Dideriksen, who invented this element in 1979

Jumper plate - a 1x2 plate with only 1 stud in the center

Travis brick - a 1x1 modified brick with studs on all sides, nicknamed after the talented builder Travis Kunce, who liked it so much he got the piece as a tattoo!

And then some common phrases:

'Illegal' techniques - building techniques that put stress on the pieces or don't fully connect them together

Dark Ages - a period in a LEGO fans life where they step away from the hobby to pursue other interests, sometimes selling their collection

Modified pieces - plates or bricks that have extensions or protrusions such as clips, hinges or texture that make them more useful than their regular versions

Greebles - technical details added to models to enhance their appearance but serve no mechanical purpose


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