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#1098 TECHNIQUES: Slope alignment

Slopes are some of the most useful pieces in the LEGO inventory. They can be used for everything from smoothing out a build to intricate SNOT techniques.

Unfortunately some of the most common slopes, the 1x1 slope and 1x2 grill slope don't look too great when trying to create a smooth slope. An unsightly gap is left if you build with them normally.

However, there are numerous techniques to solve this problem. This allows for a smooth transition and although part and space consuming, look great compared to building with the slopes regularly.

Using 1x1 modified brick with handle – by Tobias Buckdahn:

Using 1x1 modified plates with ring clip – by Playwell Bricks:

Using SNOT bricks – by Ulrik Hansen:

If you've got any other techniques for this, post them in the comments below!


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