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#1108 SET REVIEW: 80013 Monkie Kid's Team Secret HQ

Today we're reviewing a set we loved the look of as soon as it was revealed - 80013 Monkie Kid's Team Secret HQ. We were sent this by LEGO to review but our view will be unbiased (we don't have to say nice things about what they send us, though we generally only choose sets we like). We aim to provide a unique review from the perspective of a MOC builder and fan of building techniques and choose to score sets out of 100, giving 20 points each for a variety of factors.

Overall, we think this is a brilliant set - the vibrant colours, array of fun features, large selection of new, useful and rare parts as well as new and detailed minifigures mean there's a lot to love! We always want to see interior space in sets as big as this and this set has plenty of space to fit all the figures while still having lots of deck space too. It's jampacked with details too, and although many are achieved via stickers, there's plenty of nice part usages and satisfying building techniques.

If you’re looking to try this new theme out, although this is the most expensive set, you really can’t go wrong with it no matter what you look for in your LEGO sets – good value, good playability or good part selection.

Check out the images above for our full part and technique breakdown, as well as the following explanations of our scoring:

Building techniques 16/20 – There are several clever techniques such as how the HQ can be expanded and the great use of technic parts to create a strong hull while allowing for certain features. However, the set is more of a solid build that doesn’t have many interesting or new techniques, but there are plenty of great part uses such using tyres, roller coaster tracks and much more that make up for this!

Part selection 19/20 – Features not only a few new parts but plenty of new recolours or rare parts, we could buy this set for the parts alone and be satisfied.

Minifigures 18/20 – All the minifigures feature new prints for 2020 and are very detailed. It’s great that you get all the main heroes in this set, as well as a generous amount of enemies. The only thing that could have improved this score would be some exclusive minifigures.

Creativity 20/20 – A cargo ship that turns into a HQ? That’s a lot of points for creativity, especially with the vibrant colours, fun features, mech and small boats.

Value for money 18/20 – This set feels like very good value for a pretty large main build and fun side builds, as well as a great part selection and minifigures.


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