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#113 TIPS: Uses of contrasting colours

In previous posts on this page, I have talked about how contrasting colours help improve the aesthetics of a MOC. Today we will discuss the uses and functions for ease of building MOCs and even official sets.

Firstly, what are contrasting colours? They are simply different coloured pieces that do not blend with the main colour scheme of a MOC such as red, green or orange, which are common contrasting colours. For example, in many Star Wars sets, the primary colours are grey. These contrasting colours help the builder to distinguish between parts, especially if they are working with many elements. This pieces will not be on view so therefore can be any colour the builder can get hold of.

The contrasting bricks can also be cheaper to buy. For example, If you need a specialist hinge part to achieve a certain angle in your MOC, you may want the cheapest version of the piece in any colour to reduce the overall cost of building the MOC.


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