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#1135 MOC of the Week: Microscale City Builds

Unlike some of our past MOC of the Weeks, this week’s is a compilation of a few works by a specific builder. Jeff Friesen, known on Instagram as @jeff_works, has spared no expense when constructing these Microscale City Builds.

Just a few of the wide variety of micro-metropolises he's built are shown, but all are chock-full of colour, detail and pizazz. The combination of both architectural style and futuristic design makes for very interesting and eye-catching models that are perfect for display pieces.

One unique technique that stood out is the curves found on some of the buildings which employ hinge plates (2429/2430). We all agreed that it takes a supreme level of commitment to ensure that they are perfectly aligned!

___________________________________________________________________________________________ This was the first post by our new contributor Brayden! We'll be introducing the full team soon, but for now head over to our Instagram as we're currently taking questions for a Q&A to celebrate reaching 75,000 followers!


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