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#1158 TECHNIQUES: Vine techniques

Today we’re looking at an ingenious technique used by builders @Barthezzbrick and @caleb_saw on Instagram, who create foliage and vines using a minifigure accessory more commonly found in the hands of cowboys…

The whip piece’s flexible material allows it to be twisted and looped in organic spirals, like vines that tangle and creep along walls! Caleb Saw uses this technique to depict an overgrown ruin. In Barthezz Brick’s build, the contorted whips are pinned in place with leafy elements while plant plates with hollow studs are threaded along the whips for extra foliage and detail. The addition of a bird’s nest is very clever too!

Check out the builder's accounts here from more amazing builds: @barthezzbrick: @caleb_saw:


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