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#1173 Favourite Brick Friday: Minifigure Headgear

This week’s favourite bricks are various minifigure headgear! From hats to hoods to caps to turbans, builders have found creative ways to use these pieces off of their minifigures’ heads!

26079 Headgear Hood Cowl Pointed with Eye Holes: by @jonaskramm as tree tops for his Hagrid’s Hut

18822 Headgear Turban without Hole: by @bencossy as a bundle for a teeny tiny character

41334 Headgear Cap, Knit: by John Snyder (@littlejohn_brickbuilt) as gorgeous blueberries on a breakfast spread

93557pb01 Headgear Hat, Sailor with Anchor Pattern: by @balbo as an adorable dog bowl filled with “dog food” (broken reddish-brown plates)

(All builders can be found on Instagram)


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