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#118 TECHNIQUES - Advanced use of the headlight brick

The 1x1 headlight brick may seem almost useless when building at first glance. However, beyond its apparent single use of mounting 1x1 plates, they can be combined together to have some interesting functions.

The indent present in the brick seemingly restricts its use to 1x1 pieces, and even if built out the connected plates will not sit flush to the surface. But when combined with other headlight bricks, the indent vanishes as they fill each other in for lack of better word.

This can then be used to reverse the direction of building very easily when building sideways and with a SNOT technique. They can also be stacked and pieces can be easily attached as the studs have perfect spacing for this.

For example, on my MOC of the Resistance Troop Transport, the roof is made using bricks built sideways. To reinforce these bricks and make multiple connections to maintain strength, the headlights bricks (circled) help to hold the roof together. This is but one of its uses beyond its innocent exterior.


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