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#1187 TIPS: What in the world is a marbled brick?

Most builders are familiar with basic bricks, modified bricks, printed bricks, and SNOT bricks. But what about marbled bricks?

Back in the 1950s when LEGO first started making plastic products, the manual process of loading the pellets into the injection moulding machine meant some pellets were spilled. The workers would pick these up and use the extra plastic pellets to create ‘factory seconds’ bricks. You could buy individual 2x4 bricks then, and these marbled bricks were sold for 60% of regular bricks. Now, these fancy bricks sell for $30-100 per brick!

Today, the LEGO Company creates marbled parts for a wide variety of purposes, from minifigure accessories to animals, using both solid and trans-colour plastics.

Do you own any marbled bricks? Are they the older, rarer versions or are they from sets such as the marbled parrot or dog? Let us know in the comments!


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