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#1195 TIPS: LEGO Building Scales

Today we’ll be discussing different building scales across custom builds and LEGO sets! Let’s discuss them:

Micro – these depict concepts in very small scale which allows you to create large areas with very small numbers of builds. Due to the limited number of pieces, each one matters and is essential to still adding detail on such a small scale.

Midi – has been used in 2 LEGO Star Wars sets, which is larger than your typical microscale Star Destroyer but does not have any interior details due to it’s smaller size.

Reduced – this is different to midi when a vehicle’s size is reduced to still have an interior but it is by no means minifigure scale.

Minifigure – at this scale, minifigures are in proportion to the build. This is common for LEGO sets such as speeders and cars but many MOC builders like to challenge themselves by building larger things such as the Star Wars ships the Millennium Falcon and the Ghost.

Life – these builds are 1:1 scale with the real world and make for impressive display pieces due to their often large size.

Custom – this is kind of the ‘other’ category where the builder will choose their own scale. It can be used to create fun builds such as the featured LEGO pieces by Inthert, who builds enlarges versions of regular pieces to great effect.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments, as well as telling us what you favourite scale to build at is!

Check out the featured builders here:

Micro City by Jeff Friesen:

Ahsoka trooper helmet by bblanimation:


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