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#1199 TECHNIQUES: SNOT base techniques

Today we’re looking at several “SNOT” base techniques. For those unfamiliar with the term, “SNOT” means “Studs Not On Top” and is a building technique that uses pieces on their sides or at different angles, compared to building normally by stacking bricks on top of one another.

The examples shown are at a smaller scale and fit for a single scene, but this technique can be scaled up and used for larger MOCs as well. Each example successfully uses a SNOT technique to create a distinct base for their scene—and in some cases, two bases!

For natural landscapes, sloped pieces in a variety of sizes will be your friends. Pair them with curved or wedged plates, either layered on top or even integrated into the slope, to add subtle changes.

Also, be sure to check out our previous post #1103 for more details on the “Brick Bending” technique used by jaskierthebard:

Check out the featured builders here:


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