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#1217 TECHNIQUES - Bar mosaic techniques

Today's technique by Jonathan Gale involves using bars stacked horizontally to create patterns and mosaics.

He has used the technique for many models, such as a Rooster, chess board, QR code and the LEGO logo. This technique, although it looks great, takes time and patience. A frame should be made to hold the rods in place as they will not want to stay put, and Jonathan recommends placing them in with tweezers. One wrong move and the whole thing could fall down, since they are not held in by any connection apart from friction. Some of his models arrange the bars in a hexagonal shape, while some show them stacked directly on top of one another. The bars naturally fall into the hexagonal shape, so this is recommended for bigger models. The bars come in solid or transparent colours, and the transparent ones can be used with a light source to give a nice effect (used in the rooster and LEGO logo). This looks very good, especially when combined with a frame from transparent clear bricks. Make sure to follow Jonathan on Flickr, for many more designs using this technique: This information is from Beyond's the Brick's interview with Jonathan Gale. I highly recommend you check it out for an in-depth discussion of the technique:


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