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#122 Monday's MOC of the Week: Tiger

This week's is from a user on Flickr by the name of Simon NH, who has created a stunning rendition of a tiger beside a swamp. Here is a link to his post on Flickr, where you can also check out his profile for other amazing MOCs:

The tiger is a beautiful beast that is well known for its orange and black stripes. In LEGO it is often hard to create natural looking animals with the limitations of plastic, but Simon has done so and the result is stunning. He has perfectly shaped the body with a clever selection of slopes positioned at various angles to that look natural. There is also a great part use on the head of the tiger that apparently took over a week to build, which just shows how much thought went into this MOC. Black parts usually used for tentacles have been used to simulate the striped pattern of the fur, as well as feather shaped pieces to show the fur's soft texture. Colours play a huge role in this MOC, with a mix of oranges and tans used for the tiger, and many contrasting and blending colours for the rest of the MOC.

The landscape around the tiger gives a detailed and natural surrounding for the creature, with the swamp itself been made of bricks on their sides. This allows Simon to use various colours and piece sizes so the swamp looks natural and murky. The surrounding plants show great details, with many highlights such as the blue lily pads, dark green trees, multi-coloured bushes and spots of bright pink flowers.

A amazing build by Simon NH, make sure you check out his account above for more creations such as an elephant and wolf in this scale as well as some awesome techniques for buildings.


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