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#1221 MOC of the Week: The Crescent Colony

This week’s MOC of the Week is The Crescent Colony by Markus Rollbühler. This build was part of the Flickr collaborative event, SHIPTember! At first glance this build immediately catches your eye with the fantastic curved shape of the ship. But when you get closer there are some wonderful details in the selection of minifigures, parts used in sign design, and the overall colour palate that balances the darkness of space with the brightness of life.

Check out the other SHIPtember builds on Flickr here:

From the builder: “A haven for smugglers and outcasts alike, the Crescent Colony is a ramshackle station orbiting one of the moons in the Spica system. Or so they say. What was once the remains of an abandoned research station has over the years turned into a little colony, with inhabitants adding on habitable containers whenever the need arises, resulting in a farraginous mix of rust and colour. Spice smuggler? Space pirate? Bounty hunter? Pretty sure you’d find a home here…”


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