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#1247 PRODUCT REVIEW: The Periodic Table of Lego Colours by WLWYB

Updated: May 1, 2021

Today we're sharing some really fun wall art that is perfect for any LEGO fan's room! WLWYB were kind enough to send us The Periodic Table of Lego Colours to review but our review is unbiased and we aren't gaining a cut from any of their sales.

We immediately fell in love with it when we first saw the novel concept and since getting our hands on it, it definitely lives up to being the perfect wall art. Featuring high quality printing, expertly aligned bricks and accurate information, it doesn't just look pretty but it's interesting to read when each piece was released and their official names. The graphics are printed onto poster board which does come with a hanger but we'd recommend framing it. At $39.95, there's no doubt it's a premium product that some may view as unnecessary, but we think it's a great one-off purchase if you’re looking for some wall art to add to you LEGO room.

Interested in getting one or gifting one as a present? You can view them on the WLWYB website here and also use the code TB10 at checkout to get 10% off retail price:


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