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#1248 MOC of the Week: Nazgul’s Flight (video)

This week’s post is an Lord of The Rings automated build by Marcin Otreba that focuses on one of the nine Kings that succumbed to the powers of the rings. Known as a Nazgul, this shadowy figure and it's fell beast can be seen perpetually flying over the Dead Marshes that exist just outside Mordor. Able to be powered either by hand or by a technic motor, this build is an excellent use of moving parts to create very fluid motions, really bringing the build to life. Marcin’s attention to detail also expands beyond the moving parts; the Dead Marshes below the beast are also alive with small secrets and plenty of detail. This is allegedly the first in a series, so make sure to follow Marcin if you’re interested in seeing what they create next, and check out his instructions store to support the builder.

Check out Marcin on Instagram at @martinlegodesign or on Flickr here: If you appreciate these awesome builds, make sure to support the artist by purchasing their instructions here:


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