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#1254: TECHNIQUE DISCUSSION: Interesting borders

Today we’re actually not focusing on a MOC, we’re looking to see how they can be framed, decorated or bordered in ingenious ways.

Our first two examples, by Zilmrud and Brickleas, both demonstrate brilliant techniques for creating curves and circular bases from pieces often known for their straight, right angled edges. Dallen Powell has seen the potential of the base border to enhance his microscale Back to the future MOC by adding brick built graphical arrows in the style for the film. These have been made using plates applied to snot bricks. Whereas Lego-nuts and Bricksized have used an endless amount of varied pieces to create their detailed frames. Take a closer look to see what pieces you can spot and identify. By Zilmrud: By Brickleas: By Dallen Powell: By Bricksized: By Lego_nuts:


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