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#1266 FAVOURITE BRICK FRIDAY: Modified 1x1 Plate with Clip Light

Today’s favourite brick is the modified 1x1 plate with clip light in medium azure, which was featured in Round 9 the Iron Builder challenge between Bruce Lowell (@bruceywan) and Tyler Clites (@tylerbuilds) before his LEGO Masters victory!

This piece is unique for its ability to connect in multiple ways, where even a chain of the modified plates can create interesting shapes and likenesses. Both builders managed to use the piece in groups in different ways and individually, using its bright colour to emphasize it as a part of a story.

From a cheeky grandpa’s interrupted bath time to an adorable notepad and pencil, both builders brought their A-game to use this piece in increasingly creative ways. The competition was fierce, but Bruce was able to edge out a win. It was difficult to pick up 4 builds to feature here, so be sure to check out the competition link below.

And check out these incredible builders on Flickr and Instagram!


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