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#127 TIPS: Researching

To make a successful MOC that is based on an object, animal, vehicle, buildings extra, you must have the correct research to make an accurate creation. Research can help you find the specific shapes or colours, specifications (such as amount of seats) and many other pieces of information you may need to design your MOC.

Here are some useful ways you can research what you are creating in LEGO:

1. The internet - an obvious choice, with a vast amount of information at your fingertips. Be careful of false information and stick to trusted sites. Even though Wikipedia can be edited by everyone, it is still a secure website for most topics. After all, who wants to put out false information about the specifications of a starship?

2. Reference books - a specific and accurate source for images and specifications as well as other key information. For example, if you were designing a MOC of a vehicle from Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it would be worth picking up the visual dictionary or cross section books when they are released in December:

Once you have found the information, manipulate it into a plan. If you need how many studs long your model should be, you can use this link to a conversion site:

If you need to find out what colours would best match what you are trying to make, try looking on Bricklink:


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