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#1273 FAVOURITE BRICK FRIDAY: 20482 1x1 Round Tile with Bar and Pin Holder

This week's favourite brick is the 1x1 round tile with bar and pin holder, which we usually just call the 1x1 pin holder. It was introduced in 2015 and since then the piece has featured in 532 sets to date in 17 different colours.

The piece itself is incredibly useful and had been used by LEGO themselves for a variety of applications in sets. It can be used for functional techniques where it's connection points are used, as well as aesthetics uses where the unique shape of the part is utilised.

Brickdesigned on Instagram discovered a fantastic way to use the piece - it can be placed inside plates! He used this connection to create wheels for a hotel cart; make sure you're following him on Instagram if you're not already!

The most common colours for the part are black and transparent clear, while the rarest colours are dark green, lime green and dark brown - anyone know which sets these rare colours came in? (no looking on Bricklink!)

Note: Images of official LEGO sets are from New Elementary reviews.


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