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#1287 TECHNIQUE DISCUSSION: Unusual fire effects

Today we’re taking a look at fire effects! LEGO has produced a fire purposely made fire pieces, but what if you want to go bigger, more impressive and make your own flame or explosion MOC.

You can utilise a range of pieces and techniques to create fire, from dramatic explosions made with orange and yellow aerials and pole pieces as demonstrated by captainsmog and Thorsten Bonsch to to large scale glowing fires built using transparent 1x1 tiles and cheese slopes by David Zambito. The shape of flickering flames can be made by using black to form a layer in front to block out the orange pieces behind, as beautifully demonstrated by General 尓àvarre. Our last unusual technique is by -Matt Hew- and is remarkably simple, with only 2 pieces used for the actual fire but great use of minifigure hands and arms for the surrounding materials!

Which technique pictured is your favourite?

Check out the featured builders here:


Thorsten Bonsch:

David Zambito:

General 尓àvarre:

-Matt Hew-:


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