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#129 Monday's MOC of the Week: Jedi Temple

This week's is from a member of the Facebook group LEGO STAR WARS COLLECTIONS for Diehard Fans (, Wendy Vsn. He has created a wonderful Jedi Temple MOC, depicting the Jedi Order outside their temple, fighting against legions of clone troopers.

Although the Jedi Temple, is often known to be on Coruscant, they must have had other temples, right? Wendy has created a beautiful landscape and a rocky cliff face that the temple is built into. This has been done by using a variety of sloped pieces of different colours to show the rock textures.

The temple itself is crafted from tan coloured bricks, that contrast well to the mix of greys, and help it stand out as the centrepiece of the MOC. The highlights of gold studs and greenery also add a nice touch. Wendy has also created brilliant curves that looks seamless and flow well into one another. This is because he has used hinges to position various sections of bricks at slight angles, thus creating the smooth curved structure that looks like a perfect place for the Jedi to study, practice and meditate.

A dramatic battle scene has been created as well, which gives the MOC some great details and an seemingly moving and living environment.

Such great creativity and thought went into this MOC (as well as techniques of course). If you have made MOC you are proud of, drop this page a message on our front page, for a chance for it to be featured.


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