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#1291 TECHNIQUES: Inside-out tyre techniques by multiple builders

Got lots of LEGO tyres, but not really a vehicle person? In today’s technique post we share a unique but helpful technique that’s especially useful for when you want to add organic, fleshy textures to your LEGO critters and creatures! Just turn one of LEGO’s rubber tyres inside-out!

@grantdvs1 creates a realistic beetle’s body, while @hacimbricks uses various tyre sizes to create a giant Kraken. Meanwhile @aliencat creates a horrifying monster using the textures of larger tyres, and one of our contributors shows us a cauldron technique that, by our research, dates back to MOCpages link that sadly no longer exists. Luckily, our contributor @magykfyre17 has a demonstration of it! (All builders on Instagram.)

Let us know how you’ve used the inside-out tyre technique!


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