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#1292 SHARE: BrickVault custom models

Today we're looking at an awesome range of custom Star Wars models, built by various builders but all of their instructions and part lists are available to purchase on the BrickVault website. If you're interested in any of the models, make sure to use our code tipsnbricks to get 15% off at

If you've ever wanted accurate, detailed, minifigure-scale versions of your favourite Star Wars ships, then BrickVault's designs are perfect for you! Their models go above and beyond the level of detail in normal LEGO sets, featuring smoother surfaces, more accurate shaping and some incredible building techniques. Our favourites have to be the gigantic Sandcrawler by Peter Brookdale, co-designed with Marshal Banana and the X-wing Starighter by Jerac for it's impressive shaping. Which model out of the 10 shown is your favourite?

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