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#130 TECHNIQUES - Creating conical shapes

Building conical shapes can be a daunting task; you see many great ones out there used for castles and other MOCs. Let's break down how to make them and you will be surprised how easy they are to create.

Wedge plates are you best option for making conical shapes. These can be positioned so there are no gaps between then, hence making the conical shape.

The first step is to hinge these pieces horizontally. This can be done using hinge plates (pictured), where a variety of angles can be achieved, allowing you to choose the size of the conical shape. You will have to experiment with the angle depending on the wedge piece you want to use. You should also connect up these hinge plates by placing them underneath and on top of one another, to join them up and complete the base of the conical shape.

Next you have to hinge the bricks vertically. This can be done in a variety of ways, but in my opinion the best way is to use 1x2 hinge bricks (pictured). This can angle the wedge plates and, when combined with the horizontally hinged plates, will complete the conical shape, leaving no gaps if you get the right angles and spacing.

A common issue with this technique is connecting the brick-built conical shape to the rest of the MOC, because it can be difficult when using hinged plates. The best way to do this is by only connecting 2 opposite parts of the brick-built conical shape to the rest of the MOC, as this provides a strong enough connection that will actually connect.

Thanks to 'TOon Ascendancy for most of the pictures and the suggestion of this technique. (pictures can be found in comments)


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