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#1310 FAVOURITE BRICK FRIDAY: 90398 Minifigure Statuette / Trophy

Not many pieces are as versatile with scale as the minifigure statue, also known as the minifigure trophy or nanofigure! With this LEGO part, you can go small, using the nanofigure as a person in a microscale MOC, like @drdoddo on Instagram does. Or you can use it in minifigure scale, like Vincent Lai (on Flickr) does in his very meta MOC of a LEGO minifigure. After all, unlike microfigures, the nanofigure has almost identical proportions to a minifigure.

Finally, you can use it at a much, MUCH bigger scale like @seankennevart on Instagram does in their MOC of mountain goats. Here, the nanofigures are used en masse to create the shaggy fur of the goat—wow! What kinds of builds would you or have you used the minifigure statue in?


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