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#1324 SET REVEAL: New Harry Potter sets!

*The following information is about Harry Potter sets, so we want to acknowledge the hurtful views expressed by JK Rowling about transgender people. We support the LGBTQ+ community and want our LGBTQ+ followers to feel safe on our blog. Link to video that breaks down JK Rowling’s essay and the issues with it:*

Today LEGO revealed 8 sets celebrating 20 years of Harry Potter LEGO, ranging from Hogwarts modular rooms to display pieces, releasing on from June 1st!

Check out the images for the full details on each product! We personally love the new modular Hogwarts sets and collectible golden figures, with our favourite set being the Chamber of Secrets! We really appreciate the call-backs to the sets from two decades ago and love the range of new minifigures we are getting!

Let us know your favourite set out of the new wave in the comments below!


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