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#1338 SHARE: New part concepts by Deborah Higdon

With all the discussion around the new 1x5 plate revealed this week (check out this article if this is news to you:, we thought it we be fun to speculate what new parts we could get in the future!

This was always been a fun activity for the community, and Deborah Higdon on Flickr even went as fair as to mock up some of the parts on her wish list! Pictured are some of her concepts, with our personal favourite being the 1x1 inverted slope which would be very useful for rounding off edges.

If you could choose just ONE new part for LEGO to make, what would it be? Let us know in the comments!

For more parts concepts by Deborah, check out this post on Flickr:

And for even MORE concepts by a range of different builders, check out this Flickr group, Brick Wishlist:

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