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#1339 MOC of the Week: Garden of Flowering Fragrance by Cindy Zhan

This week’s MOC of the week is by Cindy Zhan: Garden of Flowering Fragrance! The build is based on the Chinese Garden at Huntington Library in the US. This astonishing build is 4.5 ft by 10ft, took 18 months to build and used about 80K pieces (including 6K of the dark blue grey cheese slopes for the roofs!). It's built on 34 total baseplates for easier assembly and transportation to conventions. She has displayed this build at BricksLA in 2019 and 2020 (as she added an expansion to the MOC for 2020 to match the real garden’s expansion). We love the roof and window technique employed, as well as the mix of colours that are accurate to the real gardens and make for a beautiful display piece!

Check out Cindy's builds on Instagram and Flickr here:


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