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#134 Sunday's SET ANALYSIS: 41498 Boba Fett and Han Solo in Carbonite

The set we will analyse today was only released for purchase at the New York Comic Con, and is very rare as not many were sold. It is a highly detailed set, and Boba and Han are the first Star Wars Brickheadz to be released! The set includes Boba Fett, the legendary Bounter Hunter as well as Han solo in Carbonite, created in Brickheadz form, so lets take a look at the techniques used:

1. Good part use - unique parts such as the harpoon piece are used to show details such as Boba's jetpack

2. Contrasting colours - the bright mix of green, red and yellow colours of Boba contrast well with the grey Han in Carbonite that would otherwise by boring.

3. Hinges bricks - used to achieve the shape of Boba's curved helmet

4. Textures - contrast of tiles and studs great texture on the carbonate and Boba's helmet

5. SNOT - uses to builds on different planes such as sideways with Boba's cape and jetpack

6. Printed parts (see last photo - this makes the set high quality, and give details such as control panels and a utility belt that couldn't be achieved with regular bricks (+ printed not stickers!)


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