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#134 TIPS: Alternative builds

LEGO in general can be limiting, due to the limited number of elements for the many shapes you might want to create. So why would you wish to limit yourself further when building MOCs?

Alternative builds do just that, set limits on you as a builder. They involve taking the bricks from an official set and only use those to make your MOC. You are therefore limited to only the pieces in that set and are challenged to make something completely different.

There are several advantages of alternative builds, the first being it is great for discovering new techniques, as you are limited with the bricks you have and therefore have to think creatively to achieve the required shape. Alternative builds can also be great for beginners who don’t have many bricks in their parts collection, but have some official sets they can take apart and build a MOC with.

The photo is a screenshot from a YouTube video by BrickBros UK, who often do alternative builds with recent sets, so check some out for inspiration:


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