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#1351 FAVOURITE BRICK FRIDAY: 93559 Hockey Stick

A hockey stick is a great minifigure accessory, but it's just a stick right? Well yeh, but who said sticks can’t be useful!

We’ve taken an in depth look at the humble hockey stick, to see what roll it can play in various MOCs. Whether it’s functional, structural, or decorative just a great beard! – As seen Eero Okkonen’s Highland Shepperd.

We see it being used for architectural elements in both Iamboroghiniwafflesauce and Markus Rollbühler’s MOCs. Or as a functional pole to hang a wall light off in Joe’s Cottage by Norton74. Inthert has chosen to use the distinctive shape to form a fan tail on the back of this Police Speed Bike. Similar the stick shape lends itself perfectly to form glasses frame arms by Girmanator.


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