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#1365 TECHNIQUE DISCUSSION: Fur techniques

Whether it’s our woolly dog, a wild lion, or a docile bantha, we all love our furry friends. In today’s post, we’re looking at a few different ways that builders have replicated soft, shaggy fur using hard, plastic LEGO - not an easy task!

@vincentkiew73 cleverly uses both the modified 1x2 rock fingers element for a lion’s mane, as well as several plates with vertical teeth to create shorter tufts of fur. @dsodb_lego meanwhile uses cattle horn pieces and claw pieces, clipped to hang vertically, to replicate the long, clumpy fur of a Bantha. @_luispg__ also uses rock fingers, in addition to quarter tiles, to create a cute and compact Bantha. And finally, @brothersteven100 has a great technique for those without too many rock finger elements—you can use the very common grille tiles and plates with clips and approximate shaggy fur!

Have you seen any other cool fur techniques? Let us know in the comments below!


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