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#1367 SET REVIEWS: 60290: Skate Park & 60304: Road Plates

This year LEGO introduced a new road system for City sets and we're thrilled to finally be sharing our thoughts on it with you! So today we’re looking at sets 60290: Skate Park & 60304: Road Plates. We were sent theses sets by LEGO but our view is unbiased and we aim to provide a unique review from the perspective of a MOC builder and fan of building techniques. We scored this set out of 100, giving 20 points each for a variety of factors.

As LEGO’s third skate park, 60290: Skate Park is a standout. It not only integrates well with the new baseplate system, but it includes a combination of great minifigures and unique parts. Although the price point is extremely high for the set, the inclusion of the recoloured wheelchair and new road plate make it a tempting buy.

Unlike the Skate Park, set 60304: Road Plates has little to no building involved in the process. Instead, it is mainly a “booster pack,” for people looking to convert their LEGO City or City-themed display to these new plates. The variety of plant and accessories with the set does make it a tempting buy, but at $0.18/€0.18/£0.16 a piece, it is a bit risky.

So what are our overall thoughts on the new system? We do like the creativity it encourages, as you aren’t limited to the large baseplates you were previously. However, the plates themselves are pricey, increasing the price of any set they’re part of drastically, and making it very expensive to fill your city with them.

Do you agree or disagree with our scores and thoughts on the new system? Comment below!


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