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#1386 MOC OF THE WEEK - Adventurers Set Revamps by @gunnbuilding

This week’s MOCs of the Week are clever revamps of classic Adventurers Orient Expedition sets from 2003. We’ve highlighted 4 of gunnbuilding’s projects and provided the original sets for reference. While 2003 brings back nostalgia for many folks, the sets produced by today’s standards are far more impressive and intricate, despite the amazing Yeti and elephant moulds.

Gunnbuilding takes the basic concepts of adventure in the original sets and injects new colours, parts, and depth to the builds, scaling each one up significantly to feel as grand as the Dragon Fortress and Scorpion Palace were always meant to be.

Which build is your favourite? Check out @gunnbuilding on Instagram for more Adventurers revamps and incredible sci-fi and steampunk builds!


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