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#1389 Q&A WITH DESIGNERS: Interview with LEGO Designers from Super Heroes theme

At the end of June we had the honour of speaking to LEGO designers and asking them your questions! This was through the LEGO Ambassador Network of which were are part of, so we were able to do 4 interviews with 4 different teams.

The first interview we're sharing is with Jesper C. Nielsen and Mark Stafford from the Super Heroes team. They shared some very interesting insights into a range of topics, from discussing the potential for Disney+ and comic book sets to spilling the beans on the limitations for arm printing! Read through the images for the full Q&A!

We want to say a massive thank you to Jesper and Mark for their time and interesting answers, as well as to the LEGO Ambassador Network team for making this interview possible!

Please let us know any feedback on this kind of post in the comments and what you found most interesting from the Q&A!


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