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#139 TECHNIQUES - Building upside down with Technic

Technic pieces have many unique uses such as adding structure and functions to your MOC, created by bricks and linking pieces. It is these linking pieces such as pegs or axles that allow another use: building upside down.

But firstly, why would you want to build upside down? It allows you to include more detail, even on the underside of your model, and can help you create your desired shape as you aren't limited to one plane of building.

This can be effective if you have technic pieces used for structure, upside down sections are easy to integrate into your MOC. The technic bricks also give a strong connection that can hold a lot of weight and compared to other SNOT techniques for building upside down, it is relatively simple to use. The only problem with this technique is the gap created. It is created because the holes in technic bricks are not quite in the middle, so when building upside down, the pieces have a small gap and are not in line.

Why is this a bad thing? Well it might not be if its covered by pieces but otherwise it can show the unsightly gap. It also means the piece will not sit flush, and limit the other techniques you can use.


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