#1393 TECHNIQUES: Brick scattering

Wonder what the 'easiest' building technique is? In our opinion it's brick scattering, where you don’t actually connect the pieces together, but instead you scatter them for a unique and natural effect. We say 'easiest' as it does require some thought, considering what pieces and colours to use, but it's an excellent way to simply add texture or a base to your build.

Let us know your thoughts on this unique building technique in the comments! - have you used it for one of your builds or will you now you know of the technique?

Check out the featured builders here:

By James Pegrum: https://www.flickr.com/photos/peggyjdb/6735838031/in/photolist-bgdVYt-baJtBH-b51k1K-b51jyK-b51iK2-aKEWaR-aEZBjV-aCNMpX-aAeA3Z-aAeA1T-aAezXZ-aAhi4d-aAhi1q-aAhhVh-aAezJc-aAhhQ9-aAezAX-aAezyD-aAeztX-aAhhzb-aAezn6-aAhhuu-aAezgi-avm2vX-avkxsX-avkhF8-avnWSm-avkhAp-avkhzM-aumQJ1-aujar4-auj6KX-auj6Le-atWM3p-ane6hD-bM72o2-bKNbea-bwTsCb-bKNabK-bKN9x2-bw6U3W-bw6TYA-bw6TTC-bFirrk-bBHXL8-boP3EC-boP3z5-boP3tQ-boP3oS-bBHXj2

By Inthert: https://www.flickr.com/photos/inthert/33623327008/in/feed