#1404 MOC OF THE WEEK: ‘The Batcave’ by Kloou.

This week's MOC of the Week is a jaw-dropping, night version of the Batcave by Kloou.! This gorgeous build took Jerome 2 years to build but we definitely think it was worth it - not only is the scale incredibly impressive but there are sooo many fun details and amazing shots to pour your eyes over!

Furthermore, you can view a ultra-HD photo of the MOC here and zoom in to see literally all of the details! https://www.easyzoom.com/imageaccess/a3845ad081f6463194e78318f54cf011?fbclid=IwAR3OACNU_THVBGhUE4sukfu9mdtWnpv5h74RabIdT6UERXFQClm1Jt9jHuU

Let us know your favourite detail from this amazing build and make sure to follow Kloou. on Flickr and Instagram if you're not already!