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#141 TIPS: Purchasing parts

Every MOC needs bricks, and builders either take parts from their collection or buy what they need from stores such as Bricklink, Brick Owl or from The LEGO Group.

However, when ordering parts it can get expensive quickly if you are not careful. Here are some tips for buying bricks for the cheapest prices. They have been collected by talking to a variety of experienced builders (as I have little experience with ordering bricks myself).

A key point to consider is the availability of the bricks you are looking for. If you design on LEGO Digital Designer or just order what you think you need, you will need to look on Bricklink to see what parts are available and if they are in the colour you want. If you plan your MOC on, you have the advantage of only the available parts being displayed to you and this can save you time.

Another thing to think about with the availability of the bricks is that you should be aware of how common colours and pieces are as this could help you make decisions when deciding what piece to use, as maybe its worth sacrificing that angle by using a piece that is a tenth of the price.

The last tip I will leave you with is to consider which bricks will be showing in the finished model. It may be cheaper to buy red bricks for instance that are hidden, as even if they are only a little bit cheaper, depending on the scale of your MOC, this could save you a lot of money.

In case this is your first time hearing of these softwares and stores here are some useful links - Bricklink: LDD:


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