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#1431 BLOG UPDATES: Meet our team! (with updated minifigures)

Last summer we recruited contributors for the blog and today we're sharing our team's updated minifigures! We wanted to make this post as earlier this year we made a commitment to use our platform to facilitate important discussions the LEGO community, and one topic we wanted to bring to discuss is the yellow minifigure.

Our personal view is that yellow does not represent everyone and we have therefore chosen to represent our team with flesh tone minifigures. We believe that our differences should be celebrated and that flesh tone minifigures are better at representing who we are.

Check out the images for info about our team as well as more of our thoughts on this topic. You can also check out this video by SHYTIMEismyTIME where he shares his thoughts on minifigures:

A reminder to please keep the comments civil no matter your opinion. As per our community guidelines, no comments will be deleted unless they use explicit or offensive language or they are completely off topic.


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