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#1442 TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS: Rise of Huitzilopochtli by Luis Saladrigas

Today, we’re looking at a vibrant and eye-catching build by @saladbricks. In this large scale scene, Luis Saladrigas recreates the story of the rise of Huitzilopochtli, describing the birth of the Aztec sun god and subsequent battle against 400 warriors.

We love how visually appealing this build is, but there are also several interesting techniques used to make the scene more interesting. The statues are created using 1 x 1 flowers for eyes and detailing, and SNOT techniques add further texture. Meanwhile, the violent battle is embellished with sausages and trans-red tiles embedded into the steps of the hill that depict the bloodshed of the story.

Swipe across for more breakdowns and be sure to check out @saladbricks on Instagram. for more builds like this.


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