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#1463 TECHNIQUE ANALYSIS: Jack and the Beanstalk by Markus Rollbühler

Today’s build highlight, Jack and the Beanstalk by Markus Rollbühler, is one that will make headlines for years to come. Built for Flickr’s Summer Joust’s 12x12 vignette category, this build contains a plethora of unique and *new* building techniques. From the use of string for vines to unique part usage for texture and detail, this build holds something special in every single nook and cranny.

We would have had enough content in this single post to last us an entire week – but we instead have highlighted some of our favourite parts and encourage you to dig deeper and see if you can spot any other unique techniques or part uses!

What are your thoughts on this build? How many unique techniques can you find? Share below in the comments.


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