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#1485 FAVOURITE BRICK FRIDAY: 36752c01/36752a Wand

Today’s part is versatile, unique, and even… you could say… magical! The wand part comes with two wands attached to a sprue, which means that you can use it as one single assembly, or you can remove the wands and use them individually in your creations.

Here, @roanokehandybuck uses a large number of wands to create a microscale wooden fence, and @grantmasters uses a single wand to create a cute, fat kiwi bird. @drdoddo meanwhile uses the wands as they are attached to the sprue as the blades of a windmill, and @ayrlegodc also uses the sprue to create an ornate railing for an elegant balcony.

Which is your favourite of these techniques? Do you have any other ideas for how to use this piece? Let us know!


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